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Why, when and how to defoat and clean the roof?

when and how to defoat and clean the roof

Cleaning and defoating the roof of his house is necessary to maintain the best and promote its longevity. In particular, the presence of foams of all kinds reduces the resistance to sun, rain and wind, roofing materials and causes leakage in the end.

Black tracks due to soot if you have a chimney, presence of foam, lichen, etc., signs that should decide you to clean your roof. But these steps are not done lightly so as not to damage your roof. Main tips for cleaning and defoaming your roof without problems.

How to defat and clean the roof?

You can use a professional to defoat and clean your roof by fleeing the home touts, often the cause of scams. Attention also to the products used, often extremely aggressive, polluting and corrosive. But you can also do this interview yourself. In this case, do not forget the basic safety rules when working on a roof, in particular to be accompanied by another person, to wear non-slip shoes, to attach with a harness and to use a special ladder for roofs. Avoid doing this cleaning in wet weather that makes the roof slippery or windy. Also remember to protect yourself from a mask so as not to inhale some cleaning or defoaming products.

Use a brush

With a simple hard brush, you can easily remove mosses and lichens encrusted on the roof. Then rinse your roof from the top of the roof. Be careful, however, not to plug your gutter with foam residues.

Use a pressure washer

To remove stains and foams encrusted on a roof, the pressure washer is very effective provided that its passage is made with great care. Indeed, this cleaning device is very powerful and can damage your roof, especially if it is made of tiles or if it is slate. These materials are very fragile and need to be cleaned relatively gently.

With what to defoat and clean the roof?

Removing dirt and moss on a roof is not enough. To avoid that mosses and lichens colonize your roof again, it is advisable to apply preventive treatments.

The anti-foam product

After cleaning your roof, it is advisable to use an anti-foam product that will limit the return of these “weeds”. Some of these products are applied by spraying and then rinsed, others do not need rinsing. In addition to conventional anti-foaming products, you will find products that are equally effective but organic. Prefer these treatments that are not harmful to the environment and your health.

The water repellent solution

The water repellent solution is an anti-humidity prevention treatment that fights against water infiltration and all the moisture problems that a roof can experience. This product is applied in several layers using a brush or sprays. But beware, the water repellent solution can be corrosive for some materials like tiles for example.

The laying of copper wires

The oxidation of copper caused by water is very effective against the appearance of foams. By placing copper wires flush and on the top of your roof, this oxidation caused by rain will prevent the foam and lichen grow. These copper wires will have to be changed every five years and they do not prevent to proceed to a cleaning of the roof regularly. Note: This method is not suitable for zinc roofing.

When to clean and defuse the roof?

To best maintain your roof, you will have to defuse and clean it once or twice a year. The ideal is to carry out a cleaning in the spring to control in particular that the rigors of the winter did not cause damage. Another defoaming and cleansing is advised at the end of autumn when all the leaves of the trees have fallen.

To clean and defoil your roof effectively, make sure you have two or three days without rain in front of you. It will obviously have the effect of removing all the treatments that you have deposited on your roof for its maintenance. The periods of hot weather are also not conducive to this outdoor work. First, because its tasks require more effort when it is very hot and, secondly, because the cleaning and defoaming products that you will apply will evaporate faster and their effect will be lessened.

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