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Who says you can’t customise your clothing?

Who says you can't customise your clothing

Buying a dress material to have your dress stitched is a great idea – especially if you are in between store sizes.

Shopping for clothes online is one of the easiest tasks you could do. You only need to pick the right size and colour, look for an available discount and voila! The dress is delivered to your address and you can start wearing it.

But some women are not too happy with the variety and types of dresses and ethnic wear sold on fashion sites. They wish to create a pattern of their own, or experiment with necklines and hems. This customisation is not possible with a readymade dress, but you can certainly do it when you buy a dress material online.

Here’s why you should consider buying dress material to stitch your clothes if you don’t prefer online shopping for ready garments :

* You might have trouble finding your size.

Many women face the problem of buying clothes that either don’t fit their bust or waist, or both. Readymade clothing is made to certain dimensions, taking into account the proportions of a typical frame with respect to the shoulders, bust, waist and hips. Your proportions might not match exactly with the clothes you buy, which means there will be some amount of mismatch on the fit.

* You don’t like readymade salwar kameez sets.

You might be one of those women who just don’t like buying readymade salwar kameez sets. This can happen if you are uncomfortable about the size, or if the fit is incorrect. Besides, you don’t get to choose the style or embellishments on the clothing. At best, you can explore different colour options. It is best to buy a salwar kameez dress material and go to your usual tailor or seamstress to get the cut, style and fit that you prefer.

* The most gorgeous dress materials are available online.

Gone are the days when you had to head to the clothing market in town to pick up dress materials. Today, leading fashion sites retail dress materials, and even model the stitched clothing on their sites for your consideration. This is an important feature, since it gives you an idea of how the dress material will look after stitching. Leading fashion sites and apps sell the most beautiful dress materials in the colour and quantity that you desire, and at extremely attractive prices, too. The materials come with embellishments, defined hems and sleeves, etc.

* You can customise the dress the way you want.

There is no way that the stitched dress material will not fit the contours of your body – it is tailored to your exact measurements, just the way you want. If there is a slight fitting or length issue, the tailor can even alter it for you at once. If it is a sedate dress material, you can ask for a deeper neckline or lace detailing around the sleeves or neck to accentuate the design. You can choose to have a regular salwar kameez or a churidar set, or buy more dress material to get a really gorgeous Anarkali suit made for yourself. Additionally, you can buy the material and create kurtis and frocks out of them.

There you have it – the most important reasons to buy dress material from your favourite shopping site or app, and have the dress stitched to your exact measurements.

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