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Watch flicks and chill

Watch flicks and chill

A great DTH connection gives you unfettered access to premium programming. If you haven’t yet got one, this could be the Year of TV for you.

Watch flicks and chill!

Yes, that is a play on the words ‘Netflix and chill’ but who needs Netflix when you’ve got Airtel DTH? You will never feel the need to take refuge in Netflix or Hotstar or any other Internet-based subscription programming if you have Airtel DTH. But the advantage is that you can still access programming on Netflix using Airtel Internet TV.

But let’s speak about DTH for now. Broadly, the benefits of getting an Airtel DTH connection are these: The company offers a superior TV viewing experience unparalled by anything else you’ve seen (or heard) so far. Airtel DTH offers a bevy of HD and SD channels, superior set top box attuned to HD TV screens, and a range of pocket-friendly monthly plans to choose from. You can pick from the existing packs – there are many combinations of channels to choose from. Plus, you are free to modify an existing pack at a later date, to remove some channels and add others.

What’s more, you can record episodes of your favourite TV shows and films when you are not at home to watch them while they are being telecast. The set top box offers a superior recording facility back dated to a week of programming. So you need never miss another episode of your favourite sit-com or crime thriller, nor miss out on the TV premiere of a movie you’ve been wanting to watch awhile.

Besides, Airtel regularly adds more channels to its bouquet of DTH channels. So every few months, you can get access to quality programming from around the country and the globe.

After all, what else does one require from their TV set?

How to get an Airtel DTH connection

  • Log on to the Airtel website at Browse their existing DTH plans and different packs.
  • Initiate the purchase process. The website asks for details like your name, contact number and State of residence. Fill in these details for Airtel to offer you the best offers and plans for your region.
  • Once your details are registered with the company, Airtel calls you to discuss your requirement. At this time, the best plans will be offered to you along with any discounts on set top box price and installation, as also base packs.
  • After this, Airtel will send its personnel over to your residence to survey the area (for installing the dish) and to lay the wiring for the same. The technician will install the connection and explain how the set top box works, how to use the remote control to access channels, etc. The pack is now activated and you can start using the connection.
  • Every month thereafter, you can recharge the DTH connection using your personal computer or smartphone. You can even modify the existing pack at a later date.

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