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Unique ideas to decor your home

Unique ideas to decor your home


When it comes to decorating your home, you can make it look like a million bucks without paying so much money. As a matter of fact, you can take different things in your home and create masterpieces. You can take what is considered junk and make it treasurable. You can use old tyres, old worn clothes, empty beer bottles, and more to make spectacular creations that you will be proud to showcase on Pinterest and even on Home and Gardens magazine.

Some Amazing Examples

With this in mind, the following are several ideas to use to reuse different items in and around your home for an amazing home decor:

  1. Wall Pallet Pictures, Mantle– You can construct a wood pallet to create a mantle for your trophies, pictures, or whatever else you hold valuable to you.
  1. Gardens– Old tyres can be used as flower beds, climbing plants’ support, barriers, and planters when it comes to gardens. You can spray paint the tyres a vibrant color (colors) to coordinate with the flower beds and so forth.
  1. DIY Hooks– You can use wrenches to make hooks. All you have to do is to heat up the wrenches quite a bit so you can bend them while they are kind of hot (not too hot to the touch with a towel), and you can nail the bent wrenches on the wall.

4.Dartboard backing– According to an article about DIY man cave furniture, you can use spare corks and wine bottles as an extra protection layer against darts hitting the hall. For the man cave, wine barrels can be used for a coffee table, tyres as basin sink.

  1. Flower vases– Using empty bottles are always a good idea to use traditionally as a flower vase. Empty bottles can be cut and designed with ribbons, paint, and other types of coverage for more appeal.
  1. Soap Dispenser– A Jack Daniels’ bottle can be used as a soap dispenser by pouring soap into the Jack Daniel’s bottle and attaching a head to it. If the Jack Daniel dispenser will be in the man cave, he may or may not care about taking the Jack Daniel label off. However, in other bathrooms, where the family will be, it may be more appropriate to take the label off.
  1. Seats– There are various ways in making seats/chairs with used tyres. You can put a cushion in the tyre and design it with different types of coverings for the cushion and/or tyre. You can also spray paint the tyre according to the cushion’s color. Another thing to do is to make the back of the seat by cutting and wedging two tyres together.
  1. Slice Serving Board made of Wood– To make this, you must look for seasoned and dried hardwood stumps. If not found, you look for a basswood slice at the nearest craft store.
  1. Industrial Bookshelf– Usually the manly man likes this. To achieve this look, you first must determine how you want the shelf to appear on the wall. You can do this by attaching masking tape strips to assist in the visualization of the project.

10.Playground EquipmentOld tyres can be used to create various stuffs. They are perfect to use for playground equipment because they are safe, affordable, and endure all types of weather. These tyres can be used to create the classic tyre swings, jungle gyms, and a climbing wall, just to name a few playground equipment.

  1. Drinking Glasses– You can use empty beer bottles as drinking glasses. To achieve this, you ensure the edges of the cut glass is sand to ensure absolute smoothness to the mouth.
  1. Balancing Bookshelf– After installing the piece in a cool style, you must not put too many books on a side, or else the whole shelf can fall.
  1. Suitcase Shelves– Many men who love their man cave love this because it makes a profound statement. However, it’s best to take out the inside lining of the suitcases to prevent an odor before starting this do-it-yourself project.
  1. Barrel Bed– Just about anyone will love to have this transformation, whether it’s the man cave, a tree house, or a kids’ room. With just cutting out the area where you will climb up on a ladder to lay down, you will be in paradise. And of course, adding your bedding, DIY custom made shaping of the mattress, and lighting will make this project much more amazing.


Whether it’s a man cave or a childlike backyard with playground equipment, using things around the house will help bring it out in many ways. You can make your home look like a million bucks without paying so much money by taking different things in your home and creating masterpieces. And furthermore, people will be envious of your how great your home looks.

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