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TravelMate – The Best Travel Insurance Of Malaysia

you buy travel insurance online from Malaysia Bank

Our health and safety are our greatest investments. This is the reason why we have to do everything to make sure that we are safe and covered in times of need, especially with unexpected medical expenses. There are plenty of health insurance providers that you can choose from, especially when you are from Malaysia.

            OCBC Bank (Malaysia) is one of the most trusted when it comes to Insurance Plans. One of the most sought-after plans is their TravelMate. With this, you are assured that when you travel outside of the country, you are safe. When you buy travel insurance online from Malaysia Bank, you know that you are in good hands.

The Travel Insurance From OCBC Malaysia Bank

            TravelMate which is the best travel insurance in Malaysia. It will cover you for any reimbursement for the inconveniences as well as any medical expenses while you are traveling. You can choose from the “Value Plan” which is the basic coverage, or the “Signature Plan” which is considered as the enhanced coverage.

TravelMate from OCBC can be bought online where you can also select from different additional coverage or “add-ons” on top of your policy. The insurance coverage amount that you can claim will differ per adult, child, or per family. But these two covers the accidental death or possible permanent disablement. You can also use this for medical and compassionate benefits. For any travel inconveniences and when you lost any items, TravelMate can also be used.

TravelMate – Who Are Eligible?

            Before you apply for the TravelMate and go on a trip abroad, you need to know first the eligibility requirements to make sure that you can apply for the travel insurance. Here are the important things that you should take notice of.

  • You need to be Malaysian or should be permanent residents of the country.
  • You need to have a work permit and are legally employed in Malaysia.
  • The individual insured needs to be 18 to 70 years old.
  • The children covered by the insurance needs to be between 1 month up to 18 years of age.
  • The policy is only applicable for the same journey where the trip must start and end in Malaysia.
  • The travel should not exceed 90 days.
  • You should purchase your travel insurance within 14 days before the schedule of your trip.

How To Make A Claim Overseas. When filing a claim and you are abroad, you just need to contact the 24-hour customer assistance hotline which is 603-7628 for any travel as well as medical assistance. This is the fastest and the easiest way to make your claims.

Why Choose OCBC TravelMate?

            OCBC Bank Malaysia is the answer when you are seeking for financial solutions. They have branches all over Singapore, Indonesia, China, and Malaysia. Aside from the travel insurance that the bank offers, they also have personal and family insurance and home insurance. They are one of the most trusted insurance policy providers of the residents of Malaysia. So what are you waiting for? Before you travel, get insured today!

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