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The hotels that give the taste of Paris

The hotels that give the taste of Paris

They turn their backs on standards to better anchor in the capital. A singular decor, a maximum of local products and the spirit of a district: here are hotels totally parigots.

Lovers of their city, intuition for only guide and generosity in bonus … the neo-innkeepers go out of their way to give the taste of Paname to their customers. At home, they serve roasted coffee intramural, real ham of Paris, beer brewed at the Goutte d’Or, the lobby decorated with works from a nearby art gallery. Their red thread: “sourcer” a maximum of products, customize the home. Standardized rooms are a thing of the past. For proof the success of Airbnb, which revealed the deep desires of travelers: do not play tourists. In a word, to live in Paris like a Parisian, to share the good addresses of the district. To meet this expectation, a new generation of hotels is emerging in the capital.

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Hotel Renaisance Paris Republic (room from 300 euros).© Hakan Akdemir

In this vein, the Renaissance Paris République pushed the concept of “made in Paris” very far. Its director, Frédéric Bonomo, had a free hand to “atmosphericize” this 5-star design of the Xth arrondissement. In the interior decoration signed Didier Gomez slip pieces of vintage furniture picked flea Saint-Ouen. At the bar menu, there is Paris Cola and 100% Parisian beers: Demory, Goutte d’Or, Bapbap and Martin, specially brewed for the hotel. The Caron burnery supplies coffee and tea; the Doumbéa delicatessen, the last real ham of Paris. Between grand boulevards and Folies-Bergère, the hotel Panache, opened in May, plays the titis, version bobos. Its owner, Adrien Gloaguen, plays the “sourcing”: sweets To the mother, neighbor, in the minibars; Pastries and granolas from Noglu, passage des Panoramas, at breakfast. And what he is very proud of: the Bonne Nouvelle products in the bathrooms, which he imagined with a Grasse nose. Spotted by the Bon Marché, the small brand, created just for the hotel, recently sits in the department store on the left bank.

Hotel Panache (room from 140 euros).© Romain Ricard

Not far from there, the hotel de la Rue de Lille boasts a “pension de famille” spirit, a Germanopratine version. Its director, Philippe Daucet, is not a pro in the hotel business, he has neither the bad folds nor the priori. Free and imaginative, he chose to join the association of art galleries and antique Carré Rive gauche to join the neighborhood life. He exhibited punctually their works in his establishment of 15 rooms, which evoke the spirit left bank in the spirit of Sagan, Duras or Gainsbourg. The staff has designed theme courses to explore the confidential surroundings: vintage shops, delicatessens … At breakfast, freshly squeezed orange juice from the Douro is served. The hotel buys all the production from the Portuguese plantation from one of its maids. Who is also the guardian of a building on the street. That’s Paris !

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