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The good resolutions of the New Year for your business

The New Year is upon us, which also means it's the perfect time for good resolutions! While it's great to lose a few pounds, call your parents more often or save more money it's also a good idea to make good resolutions

The New Year is upon us, which also means it’s the perfect time for good resolutions! While it’s great to lose a few pounds, call your parents more often or save more money it’s also a good idea to make good resolutions for your business!

Do you have any ideas? No problem: WebSelf has concocted the list of good resolutions perfect with tips and tricks to keep them well! Come on, we start the year in force!

Resolution # 1: Increase your income

This resolution should be the primary goal of every business owner. Between us, who would NOT like to make more money? There are many ways to increase your income: take out a new product or service, make a sale (paying attention to your margins), retain your customers so that they become repeat buyers, etc.! You can try to reduce expenses a little superfluous.

Tip: Have you ever thought of selling your products online? Subscribe to a Pro or Business plan and sell your products, whether digital or physical, directly on your website! Keep in mind that in 2016, in France, there were 36.7 million online shoppers. Get started!

Resolution # 2: Get more visibility on the web with social networks

If you are not already on social networks … you should definitely be in 2018! A simple Facebook page, or a Youtube account, will build customer loyalty and create a community with your customers. It is important to keep them informed of news, funny moments of the day or upcoming sales! You can also interact with your customers by collecting comments or answering their questions! This will give your business a more humane and accessible look.

Resolution # 3: Create a blog

A blog can have several benefits for your business, we talk about it in this article . In 2018, it’s time to launch this blog! Use the free WebSelf blog module to entertain and inform your customers. You can write articles on topics that interest you and are relevant to your industry. You can also use your blog to keep your customers up-to-date with your news.

In addition, a blog is a good way to win new customers, who would have stumbled upon an article in your blog, who would go around your site and eventually become potentially paying customers!

Resolution # 4: Form new partnerships

We all like having a support system around us. Family, friends, always there to give us the support we need. Well, it’s the same with your business. It’s time to go looking for partners!

Look for complementary businesses to yours, to redirect your customers to their services / products, or vice versa. It is a good idea to form “professional alliances” to gain more customers and generate more revenue. For example, if you are a restaurant, you can affiliate with a spa to offer a nice spa / restaurant package!

Tips: Never set up a partnership with a company so you do not share the values ​​at all or do not believe. You do not want to send your customers to a company you would not do business with.

Resolution # 5: Keep your finances in order

Accounting is not for everyone, and it’s often the least-loved facet of business owners! Fortunately for you, there are several online billing tools and we suggest Momenteo .

Momenteo is designed in the form of a calendar, it allows to add expenses, quotes, customers and create invoices, all without using paper or pencil! Momenteo offers an easy-to-use cloud-based interface with securely stored data. It allows you to manage your billing while giving a clear picture of your business! No more bills in the shoebox, use Momenteo to get your finances back in order!

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