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The Causes of Knee Dislocation and Finding the Right Treatment

The Causes of Knee Dislocation and Finding the Right Treatment

Accidents may happen. Some are injured because of their played sports while others get wounded because of a car crash. Usually, it is with both sports and car crashes which contribute to knee dislocation. A lot of people have suffered for it which is then treated by the right expert.

An ambulance should be called immediately. This scenario is important when it comes to a dislocated knee as it is extremely painful. It is with the help of the right professional to provide treatment. But before finding such professional, it is important to understand the different causes and symptoms of a dislocated knee first.

Causes of Knee Dislocation

o   Hard falls

This is common among runners and skiers who overextend their knee. This usually happens after the person steps into the ground’s hole by mistake.

o   Car accidents

The force of car collisions contributes to knee dislocation, especially when the knee is banged against a hard surface.

o   Misaligned patella

This happens to those individuals, specifically athletes, who acquire a patella which sits unnecessarily high right on the femoral groove.

o   Sports injuries

Although this is not common, there are athletes who have experienced knee dislocation because of colliding with another player with extreme force.

o   Weak leg muscles

An imbalance of strength right to the legs increases a person’s chance of patellar dislocation.

o   Female gender

It is because of women’s wider hips which contribute more to knee dislocation.

Symptoms to Consider

When it comes to knee dislocation, symptoms here includes:

o   A popping sound

o   Severe pain is felt in the knee

o   A swollen and rigorously bruised knee

The Right Treatment

A dislocated knee is an injury which lasts around 6 weeks of healing. When this happens, the person needs to have it checked by a doctor to see:

o   If your knee has gone back to its place

When this happens, it is important to go to the nearest minor injuries clinic to have it checked.

o   If your knee has not gone back to its place

When the kneecap is not back to its original place, then this a serious trouble to see. You have to call an ambulance right away and be sure to sit still by having your affected leg in its comfortable position.

There are actually two ways to get knee dislocation treatment in Singapore. One is through a surgical procedure while the other one is treated without surgery.

o   Nonsurgical treatment

  • Crutches
  • Braces
  • Reduction
  • Immobilization
  • Physical therapy
  • Joint aspiration
  • Pain medication
  • Rest, ice, compress and elevate

o   Surgical treatment

Surgical treatment is advised for severe knee dislocation. This includes:

  • Arthroscopic surgery

This involves a small camera inserted in the knee joint to determine the damage to the knee.

  • Reconstructive surgery

This is used after the arthroscopic surgery. It involves the removal and repair of the damaged cartilage to relocate the dislocated kneecap or repair injured ligaments.

The Advice

Knee dislocation hurts a lot. When this happens to you or someone near you, it is important to call for help right away. Severe knee dislocation calls for the attention of surgery. With the right treatment, it will go off in only a few weeks. The same thing goes for a nonsurgical surgery. In order for the doctor to know the severity of the injury, examination, and imaging is held before advising an operation.

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