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Stand out in party with your Style

Stand out in party with your Style

Let Your Style Stand Out Everywhere!

Being able to have an awesome sense of style will not only turn heads, but it will also make you feel extremely confident! You might be looking for party dressing advice for a holiday party or looking for tips for other types of parties. Keep in mind, different types of parties will have different styles and accessories that will stand out more. This article is going to help you dress fierce for any type of party that comes your way! The different types of parties and tips for each are talked about next!

Holiday Parties 

Holiday parties are all about being thankful and spending time with family and friends. Here are some tips that are sure to capture the magic of the season!

  • Don’t be afraid to wear a brand new little black dress
  • Try out floral patterns with a nice leather accessory
  • Combine different shades of white and don’t be afraid to layer
  • Try out a new pair of shoes with embellishments or sparkles
  • Try out a nice formal jumpsuit

Summer Party

With the warm Summer weather coming, there will be a lot of parties on the way. Here are some tips on how to impress at these parties!

  • Wear clothes that won’t be too hot and will keep you cool
  • Search for a nice, matching cardigan
  • Try to find a pair of shoes that are fashionable yet comfortable
  • Try out a brand new updo

Themed Party

Not only are themed parties fun, but they are a chance to dress up like you never have before! These can be anything from masquerade parties to throwback parties! These tips will help you be ready for any theme that comes up!

  • Make sure you wear clothing that relates to the theme. For example, the 90s would be rock band t-shirts and a theme such as masquerade, wear a formal dress that doesn’t have much of a pattern
  • Wear jewelry that goes with the theme. For the 90s, you could wear big hoops and for masquerade you could wear something formal.
  • In terms of makeup and masks, wear something relatable. 90s would be bright and thick makeup and for a masquerade you want to wear a mask that is elegant and beautiful
  • If you aren’t sure what’s expected, ask the host!

Birthday Party

Since birthdays happen every year, parties aren’t that uncommon. You want to be sure that you dress for the occasion, but you don’t want to out-dress the person with the birthday! These tips will help you look your best!

  • Try wearing a dressy shirt with a nice pair of black pants or jeans
  • Try a simple colored dress or try one with a beautiful pattern
  • Wear a little bit of jewelry to make the entire outfit really pop
  • Depending on the location, wear a nice pair of heels or a pair of comfortable sneakers
  • Try out a causal yet beautiful outfit, such as jeans and a crop top

House Party

With house parties becoming more popular, you want to make sure you’re dressed to impress! These tips are sure to make you stand out!

  • Since there will probably be party games, make sure you wear comfortable shoes
  • Try wearing a nice pair of jeans that fit well
  • Try wearing a shirt or sweatshirt that is comfortable and laid back
  • If you want to wear a dress, don’t go too formal. A maxi dress or miniskirt is a great choice
  • Keep your makeup reserved but wear something that will make it pop, such as bright lipstick

Cocktail Party

Cocktail parties are a fun way to socialize and make new friendships. You want to make sure you make a great first impression, so these tips will help you stand out and feel your best!

  • Try a dress that is formal but not overly formal like a ballgown
  • Wear a set of heels or pumps that go with the dress
  • Try wearing jewelry that is semi-formal and makes the whole look really come together
  • Try carrying a nice clutch
  • Keep in mind, you want to be formal and not sleazy

Dinner Party

Dinner parties are becoming more and more popular, especially with groups that are starting to get older. You don’t want to overdress but you also don’t want to look like a bum. These tips will help you look your best and feel beautiful!

  • Try finding a dress that is elegant yet casual. You don’t want to be overdressed
  • Don’t wear anything too bright and keep the color shades subdued and darker
  • Wear a darker type of makeup
  • Wear a nice pair of shoes that really make the outfit flow together
  • Try carrying a clutch that is formal and elegant

Now that you know some tips for different kinds of parties and you have read some party dressing advice, you should be able to feel confident at any party you attend. You’ll be sure to turn heads and be the talk of everyone! There are some major dos and don’ts, but making sure you dress right will really make your entire night. The last thing you want is to stand out because you didn’t dress right or because you are too flashy or sleazy. With that being said, use these tips and be as fierce and beautiful as you feel! You’re ready to go to any party that comes your way and you’ll stand out in a good way!

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