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Some activities to get up to while you are in France

Some activities to get up to while you are in France

France is famous the world over for its cuisine, history and palaces which dot the landscape. It has natural beauty, great summer weather and some of the best-developed tourist and transport links in the world. This results in millions of visitors every year to different parts of France, you might look to rent south of france villas, hotels in Paris of take-up camping in the French Riviera. No matter where you are, you will find something for everyone’s taste, be it food, history the culture or to simply relax in some beautiful surroundings. We have decided to look at some outdoor activities that you can get up to while you are in France, these are spread out across the country and are just a small taste of things that you can get up to on a visit to the country, they are also activities not simply limited to one place.

Cycling in Provence:

One of the most scenic and beautiful locations, Provence refers to a whole region in the south of France which stretches from the Mediterranean Sea all the way back to the vineyard-lined mountain tops. The region is covered in hotels, bike stores and tour companies all of which provide varying and different routes and paths to take in which you can see some of the beautiful landscape on offer in the region. Be sure to take some time to view the lavender fields and vineyards of the region both ideal locations in which to have a picnic and enjoy some of the amazing wine in the region. The route is safe and well-marked ensuring you that no matter what way you go you will be sure to find something that you will enjoy.

Gorges du Verdon:

Although located in Provence, Gorges du Verdon deserves its own mentions due to the beauty of the area and the activities which you can get up to within the gorge. The deepest Gorge in western Europe is sometimes referred to as the Grand Canyon of Europe due to its sheer size and length. The best way to view this gorge is by renting a car and safely navigating the many twists and turns along the length of the gorge. Although accommodation is slightly sparse you will be sure to find lodgings along the way if you would like to spend more time in the area. You can also hike within the gorge but make sure that the trails are still open and safe as weather conditions can sometimes leave areas without proper trails. Mainly a destination for the views you will not be in short supply here so bring a camera and enjoy the stunning landscape provided by the region.


With and compilation of things to do in France it is slightly obvious that Paris cannot be left out. T could clearly warrant a list of its own, but I will give a brief mention to some of the highlights in Paris, many you will know already but others you might know. First of all, a visit to the Eiffel tower is a must do for anyone in the city, either lunch at the foot of this amazing construction or a romantic meal at the very top are things to consider in and around the area.

Champs Elysee and the Arc de triumph should follow soon after. Napoleon’s idea of celebrating the lives of his soldiers is now also a WWI monument dedicated to lives lost throughout these wars. While admiring the stunning creation a walk along the Champs Elysee is a must do while also breaking your bank account as some of the world’s top brands have stores along this beautiful street.

Other notable mentions in the city include a tour of the catacombs, visiting Notre dame cathedral and obviously the food and wine provided by the cities famous restaurants.

Normandy beaches:

Heading two hours further North of Paris you can visit one o the most important sites in WWII history, the Normandy beaches. It was here in June 1944 that allied troops landed, opening the western front to the war with Nazi Germany. Most of the ruins are now gone but it is still possible to take a tour of the beaches, the landing areas and some of the remains from the battle. In the area are also the graves of American and German troops who did not survive the battle, these can be visited privately or also with an organised tour. As it is only a day trip from Paris it could be possible for those on an extended trip or who have a vehicle at hand for a visit. Sombre but also hugely important.


Back in the south of France again, a visit to the stunning city of Saint-Tropez will give you an idea of how the wealthy like to spend their holidays. During summer the harbour will be packed with yachts owned by the rich and famous, an ideal place to people watch while enjoying some lunch the luxury and opulence of the are would be quite a sight to see and if your budget allows maybe you can visit one of the famous clubs of the region and rub shoulders with some famous faces.

Like many lists, these can only give you a taste of things to do in France, but as you can see the mix of history, culture and nature is quite outstanding.

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