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Qualities that every good dentist should have

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It is common for people to resist or delay their visits to the dentist , due to the fear or anxiety they feel after traumatic experiences that they experienced during their childhood. Therefore, it is necessary for dentists to gather a series of skills that generate trust and confidence in patients.

In this way, dentists will prevent the patient-dentist relationship from being affected dramatically. For not treasuring the qualities that should affect favorably in his professional performance.

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What are the qualities that will make you a good dentist ?

If you are a dentist, in the following paragraphs you will read you can know or remember what are the qualities and skills that every good dentist must practice to achieve a successful career. On the other hand, if you are patient, you will also know what the characteristics that this professional should treasure are.

Broad knowledge

A dentist must have the necessary instruction, skill and academic qualifications to practice dentistry and each of his specialties.

The main thing that distinguishes a good dentist is the extensive knowledge he has. Especially on the various parts that make up the oral cavity to efficiently exercise their discipline.

All this combined with his willingness to remain in constant training and formation, in order to have the necessary capacity to practice his profession. At the same time that it adapts them to the diagnosis and treatment of their patients.

In this sense, dentistry professionals can be constantly updated on each of the techniques, methods, processes and tools that will allow them to evolve at the pace of advances in health science.

Also, you will have the security and tranquility that your specialist is sufficiently trained to take care of your oral health.

Efficient communication

For patients to feel comfortable and safe during dental appointments, it is necessary that, as a dentist, you can have the facility to address them with a simple language, which helps them to understand perfectly the procedures to which they must submit.

In the same way, people value that as a professional you are able to listen carefully to each question or symptom that patients are feeling.

This way you will be able to generate an effective and safe patient-dentist relationship , because people feel really calm when they explain in detail, with simple words, what they are going to do during their dental appointments.


Many times dental procedures generate certain discomfort in the oral cavity , which causes serious discomfort in patients. At these times it is essential that dentists be sensitive and empathetic.

People really appreciate the genuine interest of the professional in their oral health . As well as having their help in difficult situations or anguish that could go through.


An indispensable requirement for all those professionals who work with the public, is that they have patience. If you practice this great quality, you will be able to witness important advances in the treatment of your patients, especially those who feel fear and anxiety at dental consultations.

Sometimes, the workday can be very busy and hectic due to the number of patients. That is why it is necessary to have the ability to face the delays that may arise in your work team.

A trained staff is also required so that they can respond effectively when difficulties arise. In addition to the points above, you should also take into account these other qualities and skills that characterize a good dentist:

  • Manual precision It is unavoidable that they have firm hands that allow them to execute the different procedures in the oral cavity of a patient. The fingers must be continuously trained so that they have a muscular resistance that helps them to develop the actions that extend over a long space.
  • Impeccable hygiene Every space where sanitary procedures are practiced and the materials used need a thorough cleaning and sterilization, to guarantee the biosecurity of the health center.
  • Motivator and educator. Dentists should encourage and encourage their patients to always properly care for and maintain their oral health .
  • Having a good mood and mood demonstrates their human quality, which generates confidence in patients.
  • As a patient, you must ensure that the dentist you attend is honest and complete, that you do not offer unnecessary costly treatments, only those that suit your needs.
  • If you are not organized as a dentist, you could lose x-rays that must be stored, which are essential for the dental controls of patients and their treatments. This also applies to the clinical records in which all your personal records are registered.

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If you are a dentist, do not forget these essential qualities that will make you a great oral health professional. Not only will you feel fulfilled as a connoisseur of this career, but you will make your patients happy and satisfied.

Finally, if you are looking for such attention or want to change your professional because you do not feel comfortable with your current dentist, make sure that the dentist has each of the skills mentioned in this article. In this way you will be guaranteeing the success of your treatment.

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