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Place to new communication techniques!

Place to new communication techniques

On the Internet, you really find everything! Is a phrase often heard. Yet each site is the result of a collaboration of professionals from different backgrounds. What professions are behind the creation of sites?

According to the Ministry of Economy, Industry and Employment, the information and communication sector represents 681,000 employees. The majority (47%) are in computer and information services, 30% work in publishing, broadcasting and broadcasting, and 23% in telecommunications.

Considered as “technologically innovative” sectors, they appear to be job providers, especially in the IT field, whose numbers have been steadily increasing in recent years. Women, who are still not very present in the sector, are therefore likely to find a job! The multimedia professions are run by passionate, versatile and specialized young people.

To be recruited, add to the CV and the letter of motivation your book, your creations or your personal site. They will show your creative skills.

The last peculiarity of this sector lies in the need of a collaboration, of several professionals of different skills and formations, to succeed the creation, of a site, a CD-ROM, a video game … When a team is created, everyone to find his place. Creative or technical? To help you, here are some examples of multimedia jobs.

The artistic sector of multimedia creation

A few words on the technical part? In this sector, the most recruited are computer scientists. Today, employers appreciate graduates at baccalaureate +5 or from engineering schools. But more varied profiles are also sought after. Thus, for holders of a bac + 2 (BTS or DUT), job offers are not lacking. There are trades such as the technical director, the web administrator, the developer, the multimedia integrator and the programmer.

Let’s focus on the part that interests us here most: the artistic and creative part! The artistic director is responsible for creating and justifying the identity of a product in all its aspects. He is the guarantor of the overall graphic coherence in terms of image and ergonomics, and must direct graphic designers and web designers.

The multimedia screenwriter builds a story by taking into account the constraints related to the interactivity of the final product. Under the tutelage of the artistic director, the multimedia graphic designer gives an identity to the final product.

For both IT and creative people, these professions on the periphery of the sectors are open to you. The web designer facilitates access to the multimedia product without neglecting the technical possibilities. It is therefore in almost permanent relationship with the editorial and artistic teams of the production chain.

“Above all, do not give up the ship until you’ve tried it, I’ve had a lot of interviews and it still does not pay! “

Florian Petit, webdesigner for the site of a social economy newspaper
”  I followed, after the 3rd, a CAP AEGD (executing agent graphic-decorator), a BMA (patent of arts and crafts, option graphic communication), and a BTS Visual Communication. Then I specialized in multimedia, with a license Design and multimedia realization, and finally a training of web designer at Itecom.

I did various internships as well as four years of alternation, so my integration into the world of work went well. I design graphic interfaces of websites. This requires having an overview of a site, and knowing each element of its realization. The main idea is innovation, I constantly imagine new things that I hope will someday see the light of the Web

The webmaster defines the sections of a site, participates in the development of the graphic charter and realizes the web pages. But the animation of the site, its hosting and its SEO is also incumbent

And to centralize everything, the project manager leads a team of professionals with multiple skills to carry out the multimedia project entrusted to them. He plays the role of interface between the editorial and IT teams.

The multimedia designer defines the content of the project and implements a detailed scenario using all the media made available. In this, it often happens that he fulfills the role of the project manager.

«A webmaster works on information architecture, designs smart tools in a constantly changing market»

Clément, 30 years old, business manager in digital communication
«  After a Baccalaureate, I integrated the training of assistant director multimedia, goblins. I alternated, during a year, course and internship in a company of event communication. Then I was hired for two years in this same structure. I then worked as a freelancer, with fixed-income contracts.

In 2005, I set up my own consultancy structure. The relationship with the customer is essential because the webmaster must know the strategy and needs of a company, to develop tools specific to these needs and improve the visibility of the site. He is in charge of the editorial, technical and functional maintenance of a site. This job has different facets, and the training I did allowed me to understand them all.

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