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Must Visit Places In Dubai For First Timers

Must Visit Places In Dubai

You’ve probably heard a lot about Dubai from your friends and relatives. Either they have been living there for a long time and have told you about the amazing lives they lead there, or they were tourists who were simply in awe of the beauty and wondrous environment that Dubai presents.

However, once you do decide to go to Dubai for the first time, there are some places which you should never miss out on. Dubai offers some views and attractions which are not seen anywhere else in the world. This is the reason why on your first trip you should see these places because you can never be sure when you will be able to come back again.

Given below is a list of best places to visit in Dubai for first-timers.

1.     The Lost Chambers Aquarium:

One thing that you can be sure of in Dubai, is that the production value of every attraction is going to be nothing short of the best. The country takes great pride in being the world leaders in infrastructure, recreational developments and the unique factor of these structures. One gleaming example of this drive to excel is ‘The Lost Chambers’ Aquarium.

Built on the theme of the lost city of Atlantis, this attraction boasts of huge underwater tanks which are connected by underwater tunnels that come together to build the lost city of Atlantis. It is home to a stupendous 65,000 marine species which are eye-catching and fantastically represented throughout.

Truly, this is one place which will be hard to replicate anywhere else in the world- not just due to its huge cost, but also due to the intrinsic beauty and the creativity involved with developing this attraction.

2.     The Palm Jumeirah:

If you are on your first visit to Dubai, it makes sense to try and get as much done in a short time as possible. Dubai is famous for its reclaimed islands, breathtaking modern architecture, shopping,anamalgamation of cultures from across the world, streetfood and the beautiful view of the sea.

What if we told you that you could see all this in one place?

Yes. The Palm Jumeirah offers all the above. For starters, thisis among the top artificial islands in Dubai due to the unique structure and the fact that a small area of about five square kilometers has a coastline of over 500 square kilometers.

It has upmarket bungalows owned by celebrities and business magnate around the world, high-class shopping destinations and cultural centers that attract talent and troupes from around the world, apart from food trucks which offer local delicacies like Shawarmas.

So, if you really have only a couple of days in Dubai, make sure that you spend one of them here and get to see almost everything that Dubai has to offer in one place.

3.     Ski Dubai:

When you hear the word skiing, the first thing that comes to mind is snow-covered mountains, chill locales, vast open spaces and wood cabins. The last place you would expect to find a place suitable for skiing would be the middle of Dubai with outside temperatures reaching a sweltering 50 degrees. However, Dubai has outdone itself again.

A huge skiing area which holds 60000 tonnes of snow where you can indulge in skiing, building snowmen, snowboarding, tobogganing or just having a good, old-fashioned snowball fight with the other visitors.

However, you may find indoor skiing attractions in other cities- what makes the Ski Dubai so special?

It’s the cuddly Antarctic penguins that make this a definite place to visit on your first trip to Dubai. However unrealistic it may sound- they have managed to get penguins within easy reach. And you can actually touch them! Would you really want to take a chance and pass up the opportunity to actually play with a live penguin in a country that is almost completely covered by a desert?

4.     BurjKhalifa:

When you have a chance to not just see, but also climb to the tallest man-madestructure in the world, would you really think twice? We thought not.

That’s why it is imperative to see the BurjKhalifa the first time you get a chance. And not just see it, but also climb to the top of the building and stand 124 stories above ground level- or 828 meters high- that is almost a kilometer above the ground.

What’s more, you can virtually see the whole of Dubai from this point- which is exciting in itself, but what surpasses this is the fact that you can actually see the curve of the earth from this point as well! Imagine that feeling when you realize that you are literally on top of the world!


While there are too many attractions to list out in this article, the fact remains that if you are visiting any country for the first time, you need to check off the unique offerings. Hence, our list includes only such attractions which you will be hard-pressed to find anywhere else!

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