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Joints, Pipes and Bongs

Joints, Pipes and Bongs

If you’re just trying to make sense of the world of cannabis because you’ve arrived into it for medical reasons, or if you just want to impress your children/grandchildren with how cool and hip you are, it’s handy to know the ins and outs of the main methods of smoking it.

Joints, pipes and bongs are the oldest and most widely used methods of smoking cannabis, and for good reason. They’re the simplest and quickest ways to get baked, and the most accessible to newcomers. Firstly, the joint. A joint is just a cigarette, but instead of tobacco rolled up in a thin paper, its pot. There are all kinds of rolling papers, from different sizes to different flavors, and I’ve even seen some 24K gold papers for those really special nights.

A joint is not to be confused with a blunt. A blunt is another timeless classic similar to a joint, but rather than paper being used to roll up the weed, a large tobacco leaf does the trick. The nicotine from the tobacco leaf provides a soothing headrush coupled with the herb. So next up are pipes and bongs. Pipes contain no water, and are pretty simple devices that can come in many sizes and shapes. Often made out of glass, but also metal, wood, ceramic or clay, pipes make smoking as simple as stuffing a small amount of green in the ‘bowl’, holding a finger over an air-hole called a ‘carb’, lighting the flame and inhaling to fill the hollow chamber of the pipe with smoke, then releasing the carb to create an airway for the smoke to travel through. Lastly, a bong takes these simple physics and throws in another element, water.

The water serves as a filter (but not a hugely effective one), but mostly it’s just there to reduce the heat of the smoke. Bongs are often quite a bit bigger than pipes, and when they are the small size of a pipe they are usually referred to as ‘water pipes’. These are great because by cooling down all that smoke, it’s way less harsh on your throat when you inhale it so you’re able to take monstrous rips. This stuff is only the beginning though, if you’re really interested in anything related to cannabis, there’s still a whole lot more to learn.

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