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How to Choose the Right Holistic Alcohol Treatment Program

Choose the Right Holistic Alcohol Treatment Program

Alcoholism, much like drug addiction, is a disease of the body and the mind. Quitting is not as simple as putting the bottle down cold turkey. Instead, for sobriety to stick, it often takes an alcohol treatment program.

Not all of these programs are created equally. Holistic treatment, which treats the whole person—including their spiritual, mental, and physical health—includes various elements to encourage a lifetime of sobriety.

Those who are interested in enrolling may be wondering how to choose such a holistic alcohol treatment program. A good program will include these options.

  1. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Addiction always starts somewhere, even if that root cause is something the addict would prefer to bury and forget. As painful as it can sometimes be to remember that trauma, it’s necessary to go back to it and work past it. That’s part of achieving sobriety.

Cognitive behavioral therapy is about more than sitting down and talking about one’s feelings to a therapist, though. By setting goals, the addict will slowly create positive associations with the world and with themselves, erasing negative self-talk and other bad thoughts.

  1. Exercise and Nutrition

When a person feels good, their whole outlook on life changes. Physical activity and nutrition are a great way to get healthier. Whether it’s through treks in the great outdoors through organized adventure therapy, yoga, CrossFit, swimming, jogging, hiking, or lifting weights at the gym, exercise does a person good.

During alcohol addiction, nutrition is not prioritized. Holistic treatment introduces healthy, delicious meals into the equation to prevent binge-eating, meal-skipping, and unwanted cravings.

  1. Spiritual Rejuvenation

Of course, it’s good to take care of the spirit as well as the mind and the body. A holistic alcohol treatment program should offer many ways to do so, such as:

  • Aromatherapy, which can aid in withdrawal pain, help with sleep, and promote relaxation.
  • Massage therapy, another way of dealing with the discomforts of withdrawal as well as treating chronic pain, easing tension and stress from the body, and enhancing blood circulation.
  • Music and art therapy, which are a great means of non-verbal self-expression. It’s good for the addict to reclaim their identity as they recover through addiction, and this form of therapy can be that outlet.
  • Body rejuvenation therapy, which can treat cells, tissues, and organs through the introduction of natural herbal supplements, vitamins, and amino acids. These vitamins and minerals can control dopamine and serotonin production as well as lessen stress and depression.
  • Mindfulness, which includes journaling, meditation, and self-reflection to get centered and think about progress made thus far.

Holistic alcohol treatment can make a difference in many lives, even for those addicts who have tried and failed at rehab before. Please consider this holistic program for yourself or a loved one today.

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