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How to Become a Pro Video Editor in a Matter of Minutes

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Not everyone can afford to or wants to use a professional video editing software which takes months to learn. Many of us like to create videos and homemade movies which don’t need such extensive editing like a Hollywood movie!

For those of us, a simple and easy to use movie editing software comes as a boon. We are going to talk about Movavi Video Editor which is free to download and can be mastered in just 20 minutes.

After that it just takes a few steps and easy navigations to edit your video and create a movie out of it like a pro. Let’s see how you can use the tool to easily and quickly transform your video the way you want it to feel.

Movavi Video Editor for Editing Home Videos

You don’t need any special video editing skills to use this movie editing software. It has got intuitive drag and drop control so that even a novice can learn to use it like an expert in a short time.

The program is perfect for your personal movie projects or creating a great footage of memorable events like weddings and parties. Let’s explore how you can use the application to edit your videos in a simple manner.

  1. Import Media Files

You can import media files of different formats using drag and drop or open file method. The program can fetch images and videos from hard disks, cameras, smartphones and tablets.

  1. Create your Movie

You will get all editing tools you need in order to make a great video-

  • Cut and remove unwanted footage
  • Flip and turn frames to create your own flow
  • Use creative transitions and fading effects
  • Apply textures and filters to suit the mood of your video
  • Insert your voiceover or add music and audio from other sources
  • Add captions and titles with varying effects
  • Automatic video editor to quickly edit and create a movie out of interesting scenes in your footage
  • Use in-built video clips, audio, sounds, backgrounds and music from the Video Editor Library
  • Capture video from webcam with audio input
  • Stabilize videos without compromising the quality
  • Edit audio to remove noise and add effects

The movie editing software is a powerhouse with all required resources for creating a professional and memorable video.

movie editing software

  1. Ready to be Shared

The program prepares the video to be shared directly to YouTube from the interface. You can also share the movie on your 4K TV, computer or smartphones.

You don’t need to use any external program and have the video in formats ready to be instantly shared with friends, family or clients.

Free and Simple Way to Edit Videos

You won’t feel the need of any other program when you use Movavi Video Editor. The video editing software can create beautiful results with your desired effects in a very short time. It is perfect for beginners who can turn into a pro video editor just by taking help of the application.

So get your footages and start editing!

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