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From City to Countryside, This is New York

From City to Countryside, This is New York

New York City is the focal point of most business transactions today. NYC is the top metropolitan in the nation. No other city receives as much recognition as New York City does. The shops, theaters, and monuments are all beloved parts of city life. Of course New York is more than just the 304 square miles of metropolitan area. New York is a beautiful and rugged state. There is an abundance of wildlife and natural scenery. New York state offers many opportunities for outdoor activities such as skiing and camping.

The property values in New York range immensely. Real estate in New York is one of the most in demand in the country. People residing in the countryside enjoy the convenience of being within a few hours drive of Manhattan and Brooklyn. By the same token, they enjoy a slower pace of life. The same is true for the opposite. Those who reside in the city enjoy the convenience, but also the chance to spend a get away weekend upstate.

With 62 counties to choose from, real estate in New York has countless options. Starting with Manhattan, the options for residential real estate are mostly condominiums and townhomes. Residential properties in Manhattan are quite expensive compared to the other boroughs of NY. The boroughs of NYC are Brooklyn, Queens, The Bronx, Staten Island and Manhattan.

Real estate in Long Island offers the chance to be close to the city, yet own your own home. The homes on Long Island are very similar to the suburbs throughout the rest of the United States. Homes can be as small as one level, and as large as elaborate mansions. Most homes have an adequately sized backyard for extra space.

Homes situated on lakes and reservoirs are usually sought after by affluent individuals. The most popular lakes to live on are: Black, Canandaigua, Cayuga, Cranberry, Erie, George, Ontario, and Oneida.

Real estate goes beyond residential properties. The commercial real estate market is a very lucrative one as well. An interesting fact about commercial real estate is that in 1916, New York made the first law regarding skyscrapers. The law aimed to control vertical construction. Zoning processes were required to be kept in mind during construction.

During the recession in 2008, the NY real estate market withstood crisis more effectively than the stock market. To most people, that fact would be a shock. It proves how dominant New York real estate truly is.

Of course New York’s real estate is no game of monopoly Tevfik Arif Bayrock. There is meaning and sentiment behind the properties of New York. An extensive amount of history has occurred there. From Ellis Island to the Brooklyn Bridge, the people who have passed through this area have eternally altered history for the better. Owning a property is a personal experience, whether it’s residential or commercial. Ownership holds pride and honor for an individual.

As a result of NY’s vast variety of rugged roads and city lights, one can lives in two different worlds, all within a single unique and diverse state.

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