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Common Refrigerator Water Leakage Is Cool DIY Fix

Common Refrigerator Water Leakage Is Cool DIY Fix

Major water leakage inside the refrigerator certainly looks scary, especially because the first thing that comes to mind is costly repairs. Alternatively, this kind of leak may not cause noticeable effect on the working of your Whirlpool refrigerator besides refrigerated food turning soggy. You may try to ignore this leakage issue but it is not a good idea. It is a cool DIY fix.

Common water leakage reasons in refrigerators are – water is unable to reach the drain because of incorrect level or defrost drain is clogged, which can be fixed on your own. The other reasons can be inaccurate installation [e.g. water filter] or defective components like cracked drain pipe that possibly needs part replacement. You will need to call a technician for this repair.

Refrigerator levelling

When water is noticed under a refrigerator, check front legs. Condensed water is deigned to run in the drain hole within the refrigerator into a drip pan positioned underneath from where it evaporates. In case level is tipped a little forward then water will be unable to flow through the drain. Fine-tune the front legs, so that fridge tips slightly back. The door will swing close as soon as you turn away.

How to level refrigerator, so as to avoid water leakage?

  • You will need a helper to tip fridge a little backward to get under the unit and unscrew legs a couple of times to raise them.
  • Place the unit down.
  • Front legs need to be evenly levelled.
  • Open the fridge door partially and walk away. The door need to close on its own now.

Tip – Refrigerator is already designed to be evenly leveled, so just unscrew slightly. Tilting too much may trigger some other issue.

Another easy way is to place a shim under each front leg around 1/8th inch thick in width.

How to clean defrost drain pipe blockage?

In case the above method does not stop water leakage then there is a need to clean drain hole. Defrost drain hole may be blocked with food debris or ice disallowing water to escape through drains. This can normally end water spilling out, so the leak.

  • Drain tubes are on the rear end of the refrigerator
  • Push pipe cleaner or small plastic tube through the drain hole.
  • Pour mild soap water along with ammonia down drain tube. It will kill bacteria.
  • Remove front grill and check drain pan situated on left side beneath the refrigerator.
  • You will see soapy water drained in the pan. If you don’t then flush the hole again with warm water.
  • After short time, liquid will run freely without any obstruction, thus clearing the blockage.

Effective & successful

After this successful adventure with Haier fridge fix you will need to tackle the mess with a mop. An unpleasant task but as your job gets accomplished it is easier to experience.

Drainage outlet is small circular opening at the freezer’s bottom usually at the backside. Refrigerators differ, so check user manual for more details.

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