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Health apps: can we trust them?

Health apps can we trust them

One in ten French people use health-related applications or connected objects ... whose effectiveness or even safety is poorly controlled. The Order of Doctors advocates for public labeling. The developers, grouped within the France eHealth Tech association, would prefer a simple guide of good practices. We gathered their point of view. Industry & Technologies:

An app to better manage the traveler’s stress

An app to better manage the traveler's stress

In order to better manage the stress of travelers, researchers from CEA Tech have developed an application that can determine the emotional state of the user according to the mode of transport taken to direct him to the one who will preserve his property the most. -be. 7:30 in the morning. Peak

Start-up: with the UMI platform, have your project validated before launching

Start-up: with the UMI platform, have your project validated before launching

In France, 80% of innovations coming from start-ups never succeed. This is partly what led the co-founders of the company UMI to develop a platform for project leaders to validate their innovation with experts to assess the potential and accelerate its launch.  From the innovation council, Louis Veyret and Adrien Weil faced

Should we be afraid of GAFA?

Should we be afraid of GAFA

The giants of the web are exerting a growing influence on the global economy. Google, Amazon, Facebook and Apple, often referred to by the acronym Gafa, should they be hailed as catalysts of innovation, or should we fear these sprawling behemoths who know more and more about us? Pierre-Yves Gosset, director of

Place to new communication techniques!

Place to new communication techniques

On the Internet, you really find everything! Is a phrase often heard. Yet each site is the result of a collaboration of professionals from different backgrounds. What professions are behind the creation of sites? According to the Ministry of Economy, Industry and Employment, the information and communication sector represents 681,000 employees. The majority (47%) are