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Best Beaches of France

Best Beaches of France

Finding the best beaches in France is a difficult task. However, in this list you’ll find a selection of what everyone believes are the best beaches in France! One thing is for sure, there must be something for everyone in the list. Whether you fancy impressive natural spectacles and the isolation that goes with them, or are lured by the charm of the French Riviera and its cute bays and party beaches!

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Plage de Saleccia, Corse-du-Nord

It is not that easy to land in Saleccia, a piece of heaven on the north shore of Corsica. It’s perhaps simplest if you own a yacht. If not, then you must catch an expensive ferry from the waterfront at Saint-Florent to get there. However, everyone who made the trip agrees that it was worthwhile! The sea is outstanding; it’s crystal clear, shallow and a shade of blue that you can only seem to find on Corsica!

Plage de Trouville, Calvados

This wide Normandy beach is on the other side of the entrance of La Touques from Deauville, which was made modernby Coco Chanel! Deauville is the older sister of Trouville, with a track next to the resort’s casino and regal 19th-century mansions, where you can anticipate shore scenes that were decorated by Monet and his tutor Eugène Boudin! The beach is best for flying kites with the children and stimulating walks at low tide when the sea fades over the horizon!

Plage de L’Espiguette, Gard

Where the Carmargue Local Park finally capitulates to the Mediterranean, Plage de L’Espiguette isn’t really a beach as an immense sandbar on the edge of a countryside of marshes and lagoons! The coast goes on endlessly – chances are that you’ll be tired before you reach the eastern limit – and aside from the resort area and lighthouse, signs of civilisation are far between. It’s not difficult to see why Ernest Hemingway was so accurate on this piece of wasteland!

Plage de L’Almanarre, Var

Arguably the best beach to party! Sharing the Giens Peninsula’s strip with wide salt flats, this awe-inspiring white sandy beach waves out for more than 5 kilometres. What’s nice there is that there is space for everyone to party as the beach is so long and isolated! Depending on the direction the wind is blowing, the waters can either be rather choppy or crystalline. The scenery there is always captivating as well!

France is a country which boasts over 2000 miles of coastline with a variety of stunning beaches including historical monuments, surfing, and sandy beaches. If you are looking forward to having your next holidays in France, maybe you can then visit one of the above beaches. What’s good is that wherever you are amongst these seashores, if the sun shines, you are in paradise!

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