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Basement Lighting Ideas

Basement Lighting Ideas

¼ to ⅓ of the square footage of your home is primarly unusable and abandoned.Finished basement is not only a great opportunity to increase the lifestyle factor of your house but anexcellent way to add its market value. In this magic transformation of your gloomy, dark space into attractive, functional area the key ingredient will be not flooring or cheap furniture but the properly installed basement lighting.What are the secrets of basement lighting installation that will enable you to get the most out of your upgraded space?

  1. Get as much natural lighting as possible

The Sun is Your Friend. If you have windows in your finished basement, make them an integral part of the lighting scheme.Natural light rocks and it is free. Try to come up with a basement lighting installation scheme that utilizes both natural and artificial light.

  1. Distribute wisely

Vertical space in the basement is at a premium. Place your lights effectively augmenting natural light and standing on their own as the primary light source.

  1. Install mirror

Consider using mirrors to both give the illusion of additional space and to reflect light. Think of ceiling options as another way to counteract the oppressively low ceilings in most basements.

  1. Sleek light

Too massive lamps like chandeliers or floor lamps will intrude on the limited space.

5.    Combine different lighting

If you want different areas to be lit in different ways, make sure you have enough lights to illuminate every aspect of the whole basement completely. Put the accent, ambient, task and other lights on separate switches and make sure everything has a dimmer.

6.    Preventive Actions

These little miracles can make the finished basement experience a lot more pleasant for those who still feel claustrophobic as they descend the stairs. Install detectors to switch on ambient lights as soon as someone hits the first step to get downstairs.

Every aspect of the electric wiring and installation of your basement lighting needs to be up to current code and 100% safe. There should not be compromising with electric works. Professional contractors doing all electrical works performing the job safely and correctly. Finding a trustworthy and precise electrical contractor can be challenging task.Talk to a variety of residential electricians, ask for any references or speak to the referee before choosing reliable one.Nevertheless, whatever you do, do notdo the basement lighting installation yourself.

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