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4 Mental Shifts You Need to Make To Build A Spartan Body

4 Mental Shifts You Need to Make To Build A Spartan Body

Fitness is no mean feat, it takes a really strong psyche to push yourself from having too much meat and no muscle or neither muscle nor meat, to growing a 300 spartan physique! It doesn’t just require physical effort to get this done, it requires a significant mental shift.

The benefits of engaging in our Fitness First, Spartan workouts are huge, plus this is a great way to train for a Philippines Spartan Race if you are in the philippines. However fantasizing about having such spartan like body and endurance is not the mental exercise I am talking about here. I am referring to these 4 mental shifts:

  1. Spartans Fight No matter the Weather

There are few movies that give as much gritty motivation as the 300 spartan movie. Watching this movie is one major motivation for most of us at Fitness First, because it tells us that there are “No excuses that can stand in our way”.

I will do it tomorrow

I had a bad hair day, I am not in the mood for a work out

I feel really sore from sitting down and staring at a computer all day

All great phrases, but horrible excuses! Spartans fight! It doesn’t matter if it is raining or snowing… They fight! So, stop giving excuses and make the commitment to your fitness goals no matter what.

  1. Spartans never Retreat

This is exactly why fantasizing just doesn’t cut it, because fantasies die the moment they face reality.  King leonidas knew that the enemy would end him and his army, but they had been taught that Spartans never surrender, so guess what? They fought!

At Fitness first, our Workouts will not kill you, but they will test your endurance. That is what the most spartan races are about, endurance! And that is why this is a great way to train for a Philippines Spartan Race.

While we advocate rest as a key to fitness, we do not advocate complacency or giving up. It is simple, you need to fight till you win. Having the “No retreat, No surrender” mentality is a major component to having a spartan body

  1. Spartans Never Fight Alone

Real soldier fight back to back, the reason for this is simple; when the going gets really tough, you can draw inspiration and motivation from your partner.

One of the most striking lines from the 300 Spartan Movie on this was an exchange between Leonidas and Stelios.

Stelios: It’s an honor to die at your side.

King Leonidas: It’s an honor to have lived at yours.

At Fitness First, we emphasize group training in our spartan workouts because when it comes to fighting the spartan way and building a Spartan body, you need some motivation. So, kill the Solo mentality or you may fall on the road to a Spartan body and when you do, there will be no one to pick you up.

  1. Spartans Listen To their Commander, They keep Fighting Till They Can’t

At the fitness first Spartan workouts, we have well equipped trainers or “Commanders” if you may. We push your body to within an inch of its limit, because we realize that this spartan way, is the only way you can get sculpted into the Spartan body.

For you to become a spartan, you must commit to fitness with the mindset; “I will continue that routine till I can’t anymore” is there pain? Yes!

But like they say, No pain, No gain or as we say, No pain, no Sparta!

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